August 2013

Messy Brine Is Born

3 financial guys, 9 professional licenses, 25 years of friendship, and a whole lot of passion for the culinary arts. Together, they cultivated this passion and transformed it into Messy Brine.

On a football Sunday, Co-Founder Evan Machowsky was helping himself to some food in Josh Siber’s fridge, as he often did. Rather than the leftover pizza, Josh’s homemade jar of pickled green beans caught Evan's eye. This pleasant surprise put Evan’s entrepreneurial mind into high gear. The idea clicked when the two met with Andrew Guberman, a lifelong friend of both and business partner of Evan's. After conducting initial research and deliberation, the three guys with finance backgrounds decided to hop into the world of pickles and other specialty foods.

Messy Brine
Messy Brine