March 2014

March 9, 2014

Product Tested, Messy Brine Approved!

Every few weeks, the team would would bring 10-15 different types of pickles to a taste testing meeting. Some pickles would be brand new ideas, others would be minor tweaks on previous attempts. After much research and development, tweaking and fine-tuning, Messy Brine established its first wave of initial products to bring to market:

Salt and Vinegar Chips, CauliKraut, and Jalabeaño Carrots.


March 22, 2014

Logo and Labels Created

The Messy Brine Team has finalized their logo and labels.  The unique lettering and vibrant colors are designed to be eye catching and help describe the unique and bold flavors in every Messy Brine product.  Along with the logo and labels, Messy Brine trademarked their slogan… "Get Messy, Be Happy!”

Messy Brine
Messy Brine